Shifting with Water

We pick up negative energies from many places. Just by walking around in a mall you pick up impressions from those that are around you. You may like Television, but you also pick up energy from the population that is also watching tv. You may have also woken up, after visiting people or places and picked up energetic impressions there, while you slept. Its always a great idea to remove any negative energy that you pick up, no matter where it came from.

That’s where water comes in. The beauty of water, is that it neutralizes negative energy and renews you. You can simply jump in the shower and allow the water to cleanse your aura. You are not just cleaning your physical body, but also your body of energy thats surrounds you. You can do this even out in public. If you are in the airport, you will pick up many impressions from people. What you do is you go and splash some water on your face and feel yourself shift.



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