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Dec 16th
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Increasing Your Energy

Personal Power

Personal Power

The more energy we have the more that we can accomplish, whether it's things you wish to accomplish physically – career related, athletic things – or whether your goal is to enlighten your mind, raise your awareness, and to become conscious of God, of Eternity, of everythingness and nothingness.

Life is wonder, endless wonder. When you are in a high level of attention you see that. Naturally, if your energy level is low, then everything is gray, two dimensional, boring, frustrating, and unhappy.

Happy people, enlightened people, and successful people, inspired people, all share something in common. They've learned how to manage and increase their energy. Angry people, frustrated people, hateful people, unhappy people, dissatisfied people, and people who are mean and seek to injure others. All have something in common: the ineffective use of energy. They waste energy, they don't conserve it, and they don't know how to increase it. Sometimes they steal it, but what they steal, they use up quickly, and they waste it.

The study of Zen is the study of energy, power, knowledge and balance. It's also the science of energy conservation and control. In Zen one uses energy to aid others, to see beauty, to discover love, where we saw no love at all. The Universe is made up of vibrating pulsating light. But when our attention level drops, and our energy is low we don't see that. Instead we see what appears to be a solid material world.

Everything is stuck together. People are stuck together; they can't change. We live in structures, houses. We think that the end of the Universe is as far as the telescope can see. All this has very little to do with reality.

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Psychic Self Defense

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Developing Willpower

Developing Willpower

Willpower. . . You have two choices, and only two that I'm aware of. One choice is to be a human being. To be a human being is to be frustrated, unfulfilled, and there ar...

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Sex is Life, A Union - What is Life if not this?

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Unlimited Consciousness

Unlimited Consciousness

Sit back, be cool, let's talk a little bit about how to be happy from someone who really knows. Be happy. Happiness is a warm puppy, isn't it Charles Schulz? Happiness is...

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Flowers and plants have eminate a very high vibration. Have lots of plants in your home and let them fill your space with this great, high pulsating energy. 


Golden Budha Face

Enlightenment doesn't occur by an accident: it's a deliberate decision that someone makes again and again, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, lifetime after lifetime.


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The topic today is happiness, and the koan is: happiness is a warm puppy, as opposed to a ...


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By being mindful we remove the thoughts that cause you pain
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 We are made up of high vibrating, pulsating light
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