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Dec 16th
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When Things Get Heavy, Lighten Up!

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When Things Get Heavy, Lighten Up!
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Child LaughingI'd like to talk to you about overcoming your fears. Whether they are small fears or large fears, fears that you are aware of or subconscious fears, fears that you don't know you have.

What is fear anyway? Fear is a feeling that we feel in the pit of our stomach, in our body. It's very physical, isn't it? And when we experience that feeling it really cuts us off from our strength, our power. It cuts us off from knowledge and experience. It's a guillotine that falls and separates.

Fear is an interruption in the normal flow or routine of life. Some fears appear to be more sensible than others, in a way. There are programmed biological fears. The fear of falling is there so that we are careful not to fall, so that we don't suffer bodily harm. Fear of pain is a very good fear in a sense that it helps protect us, until we understand that we don't need to have a fear of something in order to avoid it.

What are you afraid of? I bet you are afraid of lots of things. You might be afraid of being alone. You might be afraid of dying. You might be afraid of living. You might be afraid of being close to someone. Everyone is afraid of Enlightenment, knowledge, and completion. People are afraid of being exposed – the thoughts they think, and the actions they partake in. They are afraid that those thoughts and actions will be seen by others and misunderstood, or perhaps even understood.

We have lots of fears. We are taught to fear. The operative condition on this particular planet, the central mode which human beings follow, is fear. Not love, fear. Love is the opposite of fear. Understanding and knowledge are also opposites of fear. We are taught to fear.

People are kept in line in society because they fear punishment. It's necessary, it would seem, in a world in which people lack control. One nation doesn't attack and overrun and destroy the other nation because of fear of reprisal. The assumption that underlies this mentality is that anarchy is a natural state, or one of the natural states of the human condition: that human beings who are not given proper restraints will follow their desires without mitigation, and those desires will usually cause them to injure others. This is either because they feel pure enjoyment in injuring others, or because they want something, and another person’s well being and happiness will not interfere with their lusts and appetites and desires, and that which they seek. If you are walking down the street and some people want the money in your handbag or your wallet, they'll attack you and take it away, unless they fear going to jail, being punished, or being exposed.

People are taught to fear God. They are taught to fear everything just about. It has become such a natural state that no one questions it, or practically no one. Hardly anyone considers that we live in a world that is predicated upon fear. The underlying assumption is that human beings are innately evil and they must be carefully governed and controlled. That's the dichotomy that is set up within the human mind. One side of you is reasonable; the other side is not. One side of you lusts after power, possessions and so on. The other side is reasonable, it's moderate and believes in restraint. The other side is the libido, that part of our being that wants to just lash out or plunge itself into orgies of sensual passion, be they orgies of the flesh or blood or destruction, whatever it may be. But we don't follow those impulses because we fear.

We might like to eat forever but we don't, because we fear that we might get too fat and our clothes won't fit, or that people won't like us. That we won't be thin enough, or that we'll get sick and get heart disease, that our cholesterol level will go too high, or someone will think that we are gross pigs.

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