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Dec 16th
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Rapid Mental Development

Rapid Mental DevelopmentRapid mental development - how to gain the most from your time, life, and mind. How to have an alert poised mind, a happy mind, a relaxed and balanced mind, how to have more fun with your mind, and how to be more successful at work, in school, and in meditation – in all places, in all phases of being. Let us consider the mind – the ultimate battleground – where all the things are real and unreal simultaneously. Going and coming are the same. Eternity is your friend.

What do I mean by rapid mental development? Rapid mental development is the escalation of consciousness. Mental development is not really IQ, per se. IQ is based upon a series of tests that are given to a person, not to evaluate their intelligence, but their ability to learn certain skills such as reading, writing, and so on. Intelligence is not limited to one's ability to function in a predefined world. In my opinion, plants are very intelligent, but I don't think they would do very well on an IQ test.

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Flowers and plants have eminate a very high vibration. Have lots of plants in your home and let them fill your space with this great, high pulsating energy. 


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Enlightenment doesn't occur by an accident: it's a deliberate decision that someone makes again and again, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, lifetime after lifetime.


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