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Dec 16th
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Seeing LadyAt the end of December, we find ourselves at the in between point of the year. We are between two years. The dawn of one year, the twilight of another, where are between two places – neither here nor there, almost not in one year nor the other. In America the week between Christmas and New Year's is a time when people don't seem to know what they are doing. It's a good time to see, to practice seeing. Naturally, any time is a good time to practice seeing. Some times are better than others; some places are better than others to practice seeing, to see. Some people are better at seeing than others. In the old days, we called them, strangely enough, "seers," people who have that special second sight, that ability to look where most people are simply afraid to look, on the other side of the Universe, beyond the realm of the senses.

What is seeing? Seeing is a direct immediate knowledge of something. It does not imply any kind of judgment or moral system, or philosophical outlook or religious viewpoint. Seeing is seeing.

The other day I was in Boston, and I was looking out the window in my hotel room. There was a lovely big tree, a small forest and snow on the ground. The sky was a very pale blue with wisps of white clouds in the early afternoon. I could see these things, because they were there and I was there. Now, I can decide that I don't like snow or I can decide that that's the most wonderful thing there is. That's not seeing that's reaction and interpretation – emotion based upon conditioning. Maybe, I had pleasant experiences with the snow, maybe unpleasant experiences with the snow. It has nothing to do with seeing. I can decide that the woods back there would be great to knock down in order to build a nice housing development. From a conservationist point of view, that's the worst thing you can do. But that's not seeing. Now, if I saw that they were going to knock the woods down and build a development, that would be seeing. But being concerned one way or the other has nothing to do with seeing. Seeing is just direct vision, not physical vision.

What is there to see? Well to begin with, when you can see, you can see inside yourself, and you can see that you are not one self or one person. You are kind of a conglomerate. You are composed of many different selves. We like to think of ourselves as one continuous being, that we are just one. But actually, we are many, many aggregate selves, many different feelings, many different voices, and many different personalities. If you could see more deeply than that, you would see that there is something beyond those selves, and that is light, energy, power, Nirvana – the endless Eternity. That part of you is networked with all things and all beings, and it is not separate. The only separation exists within your own mind, when you categorically, through thoughts, think that "I'm separate from everything out there." You are part of all things and all things are part of you.

When you can see, you can see inside of others. Obviously, you can see their thoughts, their ideas, and their plans. This is useful, because their plans, their designs, might be to injure you. Their plans might be to help you, and you don't need the help. You can see those designs; their plans might be to . . . Who knows what they might be? You might be able to help them with their plans, because you can see. Not that you can carry out their plans for them, but sometimes people don't even know what it is they want. But when you can see, it is very apparent. They are trying to figure something out and you can just stand there and say, "Hey wait a second, I see what you are having difficulty with." They will still have to do it, but you can lend clarity to someone's state of mind. That's why people used to go to seers. We live in a world that has a lot of confusion in it. It is hard to see in this particular plane. It is a relative plane that we live in, meaning that it is a place where everything changes all the time. Conditions are in a state of perpetual flux.

It is getting harder and harder to see on our planet – much harder than one thousand years ago, let alone several million. In the days of brave Atlantis, it was much easier to see. In the days of the ancient Egyptian civilization, or even one thousand years ago, it was easier to see. Why? Primarily, because there were less people on the Earth for one thing. If you think of each person as a radio transmitter, and there were only a few million on the Earth not that long ago, each sending out a signal, a vibratory pattern. Animals, plants, rocks, everything sends out a vibratory pattern, even non-physical beings. But the ones that we are affected by the most, are the ones within our own cycle, human beings. Now there are billions – like McDonalds hamburgers – billions of people on the Earth. There are billions of frequencies on this tiny little planet. Experts project that the population of the Earth will double again in twenty years, and then double again. So is it harder and harder to see. It is also getting harder to see because the Earth is in a changing cycle. We are moving into a new age; we are moving into a mental age, leaving the physical age.

Today, what determines personal power in the world is not how strong you are physically, as it was maybe four hundred years ago. Depending on how many people you could beat, you would be the toughest guy or the strongest woman. But today it depends on how smart you are. The mind is the strength of this era. Therefore, we are moving from a very physical age, the age of physical consciousness and brute strength and survival to an age of the mind. Now an age of the mind is a complicated thing. On the one hand we will applaud it and say, "Hey this is great. Our time has finally come." You are interested in psychic development, meditation, consciousness, so obviously your strength is the mind. So this is your time – what a great time for you. It is not as good a time perhaps, in a certain way, for the people who just rely on their physical strength. So this is a great time for someone who is psychic, but the mind is a complicated thing.

The mind is complicated. It is not only filled with the good and happy and cheerful thoughts, but it is also inside the mind where doubts reside. They hang out there; they get together and have small parties. In the mind there is confusion; in the mind there is illumination. In the age of the mind we can live a little bit of everything; this is the problem.

The mind brings about all things; everything is part of your mind. The mind contains all hopes, joys, and fears. When I say mind, I don't just mean the physical mind that thinks. Perception and awareness is also mind. There are different levels of mind. How many of those levels do you see? Seeing enables you to understand what it is that you want, or just to see different parts of yourself.

How do you see? The way you see is by stopping thought. Stopping thought is a kind of seeing, but it isn't all that it takes to see. Let's say that it is a prerequisite. Certainly slowing down thoughts helps – in other words, mental control. The reason why you can't see is because your mind is filled with impressions, images, feelings, desires and ideas. A great deal of tranquillity and happiness are required to see well. One of the first things that you have to do on your way toward seeing is eliminate the thoughts and impressions, and the conditioning that has been placed upon your mind by this world and by others.

In other words, your mind is not very much your own mind. Your mind is really a reflection of other minds. Your mind has been conditioned, by that I mean that when you were born, your mind didn't work in a particular way. That which is you, which was born and had other lives in other worlds or in this world, had a certain awareness or attention, but the physical mind was blank. Certain intuitive capacities are in the mind, certain archetypal feelings, such as racial history. The body knows things that are stored in the DNA and the RNA. But the actual pathways of thought and impressions in the mind are clear. It is like a computer that hasn't been programmed: the hardware is there, but there is no software. Maybe there is an operating system, but no software, nothing to run yet.

Your mind is taught to think by whomever is around you when you grow up. Your mind learns to think and perceive though, not simply physically. That is to say, most thinking is taught through language. Through language we are taught a sense of values, good or bad, this is right, this is not right, do this, don't do this, this is a good action, this is an improper action. You might be taught physically. You were hit if your parents didn't like the way you behaved. You were rewarded if they liked the way you behaved. The dominant impression that is taught in this world is fear. Fear is the thing that moves people in this world the most.

We are taught to fear the unknown, to fear those who are bigger than we are, to fear those who are smarter than we are. We are taught to fear everything. We are taught through pain what not to do, more than through love. Our governments tell us that if we do not behave in a certain way they will lock us away. Fear is the dominant theme at this time in the evolution in this planet. It is the primary conditioning device, it's certainly not love. Love exists, but here we see a world of fear. Everyone is afraid of everyone else, of everything else. You adopt the fears of your parents or those who raised you.

The conditioning is not simply done via the language. Most of the conditioning actually occurs from a psychic transfer. The mind of an infant or a child is very sensitive, and by simply being around people it will catch the impressions and thoughts that are passing through their mind and they will be recorded. It is like when you are going to transfer information from one diskette to another in a computer. All we do is take one diskette that has all of the information that we want in slot A and we transfer it over to slot B, to a blank diskette. We format it and transfer it, that's really what happens. Your mind is a reflection of the minds that you have come into contact with, until you start to overcome negative and even positive conditioning.

In order to see properly, you have to get everybody else's mind out of your mind. You have to go out of your mind to come into your mind. This is a process that is done over many years, a little at a time each day. It is not done at once with a subtle burst of will power. There are many subtle bursts of will power along the way, but it is done a step at a time. That's how all great accomplishments really occur. Sometimes we see the last part of an accomplishment when it comes into manifestation. Dostoevsky writes "The Brothers Karamazov," Shakespeare writes "King Lear." Somebody designs a building, builds a supercomputer, whatever it might be. But the way they did that was by living their whole life. Everything in their life created a field of power or attention that one day allowed them to sit there and maybe even bang a book out in a month. But it wasn't that they did it in one month: their whole life is in that book or in that supercomputer.

Your whole life is in everything that you do every moment. The sum total of your personal power, of your attention, of your awareness, is what causes everything to happen. You can gain awareness and to an extent you can lose it – just like a battery can gain a charge or lose a charge.

Psychic development is the study of how you gain energy, power, awareness, knowledge, and move toward a conditionless condition: that which is neither above, below, within, without, called Enlightenment. Seeing is an intrical part of doing all that. It is a skill that needs to be developed – just like driving a car is a skill that you learn. Driving a car isn't essentially hard once you know how, is it? You take it for granted. But the first time you ever got into a car it might have been a little complex. Flying an airplane isn't necessarily much harder: you use more things to calculate.

Seeing is similar to driving or flying, because there is a sense of movement in both. Seeing is not a passive experience necessarily. It has a certain movement to it. It has a sense of going some place; that's why I compare it to flying or driving, or even walking. Seeing means that there is a sense of destination, and a sense of where you are now. We are taking points within an infinite Universe and creating a mindset of a type, a kind of a geography, star map, or points of reference. In order to see you have to have points of reference.

What are the points of reference for seeing? The ultimate point of reference is the level of your own attention or consciousness. In other words, seeing is, up to a certain degree, based upon comparison. How do you know that your seeing today is more accurate than your seeing yesterday? In a relative world where everything changes all the time, it's hard to know. You can wake up today and not feel as well as you did a month ago, but not realize that, because consciousness is fluid, your awareness changes all the time, and there isn't necessarily a sense of how much it changes. We forget who and how we were an hour ago. When you can see, as I can see, or others who are seers can see, you can see how much people cannot see. Naturally, all of us can only see as much as we can see and we don't know what we don't see. So it is always good to assume, even if you think you are a pretty hot seer, that there might be some things you don't see. A little humility takes you a long way in seeing.

Consciousness changes; it moves; but it tends to forget where it was. It may remember where you were yesterday physically, or the people you saw, but can it exactly define the state of mind that you were in five years ago? How do you know that this state of mind that you are in now is faster? Well, you need a comparison point. Let's think of navigation. You are out there in the big ocean, and you can't see any land. How can you know which way to go? Well, naturally, you have to get a point of reference, such as the north star. Then you know where south, east and west are, or the sun setting on the west or rising in the east, something like that. You need points of reference in seeing too.

The points in reference in seeing are a little different: they are not physical locations. The inner navigation is, rather, accomplished by a sense of association with awareness. You have to be able to gage what level your awareness is. What you need to do, is to find yourself a few places of power. These are places where you will store and recollect shifts in your awareness. You'll map the ever changing you. A place of power usually has no people around it, or as few as possible. In other words, it's some land that still has some energy in it. It is not necessary to go thousands of miles to the top of a mountain in Tibet or way down to central Mexico to a little hill some place. There are places of power everywhere in every community.

Find yourself a nice little park, or a nature area, or a nature trail. But, hopefully, it is a land that is owned by the state or the federal government, or some kind of private reserve and it's going to be there for a long time. Just go there and sit for a while. Look at your life, look at the world, and look at your awareness. Notice how you feel when you are there, what your awareness is like. Step outside of yourself for a moment and look. Are you happy? Is your life going well? Are you unhappy? What are your goals? Just think about your life for a half an hour, walk around, look at the grass, look at the snow, and then go on with your life, and forget about it. Then you should try to come back to that place every three months, every six months, every year, every two years, it depends. Only in that place will you really be able to tell whether you are seeing more or less clearly; whether your awareness is actually evolving or devolving.

When you are out in the world with people, you can't tell how well your awareness is doing because everyone is psychic, much more than human beings realize. Everybody is busy thinking almost everybody else's thoughts all the time. No one knows that because hardly anyone sees. But when you go to that little nature area, it's special. It's a special place for you. You create a kind of a field of power for the short time that you are there and you are walking or sitting or whatever. For that short time, you are creating a field of power there; it's your spot. Other people may come and go there – that won't affect it being your spot, but it's definitely your spot because you stake it out. When you go there, you'll see your awareness. You'll see how much luminosity you have.

You can be drained by others: they can act on you and drain your energy. You can be drained by the thoughts of others that enter you. You can be drained by your conditioning. There are so many things, and you can be drained so far that you do not realize that you are being drained. It has happened to me at times. I think it happens literally to everyone on the path to knowledge. One of the easiest way to tell, is to go to your spot and see how you feel, and you will remember how you felt there before. It's like going in Nirvana for a brief vacation, you are stepping outside of the circle of your life and you are examining your awareness. It's like taking your pulse or going to the doctor and having a regular check up. No one can do it for you, only you can do it.

There are other simple ways to clock you awareness. My favorite is the mirror. Mirrors are interesting things. Look in the mirror and don't just look at your face and think to yourself "Gosh I have more wrinkles," or "I look wonderful." Again that's not seeing. That's interpretation based upon some kind of expectation or desire. Look at yourself in the mirror – meaning, look at your awareness. Stand back from yourself and don't just look at your nose, look at your total being. We call it scanning in occultism.

Look at yourself and scan yourself without focusing very intensely on your physical body. Gently let your eyes look over your whole being, just for a minute or so. Sometimes it is good to do this just once or twice a day. Particularly, after an experience that you are trying to understand. When you get up in the morning, you meditate for forty-five minutes, clear your thoughts, and you are in a nice state of attention. Then you go out with a friend. Look at yourself in the mirror just before you go out. Don't be paranoid, just glance. Get a sense of your awareness. You've meditating. You look good. You feel good. You are trying to determine what effect the person you are going out with will have upon you. If you look in the mirror when you come back and you look really terrible, guess what happened? You were probably drained, unless you yourself were doing something that would put you in a negative state of attention.

On the other hand, you can meet people who have a very positive effect on your life. At that point, the best thing to do is to check in the mirror. See how you look; scan yourself. Is there more light? Is there more energy in your face, in your eyes? Sometimes we could be going through a difficult time in life when we are really not happy in a way, but we look great, our energy is up. That's what you are looking for – not the immediate momentary happiness. That's wonderful, but we are looking for a continuous progression, a gaining of energy in your life.

Naturally, your physical body will deteriorate as you get older, that has nothing to do with your awareness level, though. Your body can get wrinkled because it doesn't have as much oil as it did, because your glands don't produce as much, but that has nothing to do with your awareness. Your awareness can get stronger and more powerful, more energized, provided that you are living the type of life that causes that to happen. It doesn't just happen. It's like cash flow: money comes, money goes, we can save it. We can lose it, we can make more, somebody can take it away from us, somebody can give us some. It's the same way with energy.

There is a science to the study of energy which we call mysticism or occultism, synonymous words. It is a certain approach to self-discovery, to Enlightenment, to life, through energy analysis. Seeing is a large part of that process. If you can't see if someone is taking your money, then it will be gone. It's necessary to see. Seeing involves getting people out of your mind and sometimes out of your life. There are people around you, since this is the planet Earth, who use the operating modes of the Earth: fear, manipulation, domination, and control. That's what we see here. We see moments of self giving and love; but, for the most part we live in a world of power.

God is vast and infinite: this is one aspect of her being. She has many forms, countless forms; this world is one of them. The world is a state of mind like everything. Life is just a state of mind, that's what we are talking about – your state of mind; trying to see it for what it really is and maybe change it. Changing your mind is like changing your clothes, changing the place you live, changing directions. You can change your mind anytime you what to, no matter what anybody says. You just have to know how. It's not hard to know how. You need to see though; seeing is the trick. A lot of people would like to see you not see. If people can cause you not to see by draining your energy, by making you feel ill, by keeping you hassled, then they can do all kinds of things.

In this world there are the predators and there are the prey. And then, there are magical beings. There is not a whole lot in between. There are non-physical beings that have different intentions – noble intentions sometimes. But in this world, there are those who seek power, energy, and life-force. Some of them are nicer than others, but most are just predators. You have a cute kitten; from the coyote's point of view it is a fine lunch. From your point of view, you see a cute kitten and you'll protect it from any coyote. Who is right, you or the coyote, or the kitten? It's hard to say, point of view I suppose. A coyote doesn't think that it is wrong to have a fine lunch from the kitten. The kitten doesn't like it too much. You don't like it. Is the coyote wrong? Not from a coyote's point of view. In this world we see mostly coyotes on this planet, in this state of mind.

The strong feed on the weak; the weak try and get together a whole bunch of weaklings, and feed on someone who is strong. Then there are magical beings; magical beings are people who have come to see and understand their totality. They can see the designs of others and avoid them. They are free; their minds are unconditioned. They have power; they give power to others sometimes. They are free and they don't need to be predators, because they have seen that there is more than enough energy in the world for everyone. But they still recognize that very few beings feel that way. They live inaccessible lives where they avoid the negative designs of others and just enjoy how wonderful it is to be in this great Universe – to be alive. What a magical thing it is! That's a great philosophy. It is true for magical beings. But the rest on this planet are just coyotes. Coyotes can change. A coyote can go through a mystical change and become the road runner he chases. That's what a real smart coyote does. It figures out that this whole coyote business is slow. The road runner has a better time, but most coyotes don't see it that way.

You need to learn to see and that's where meditation comes in; stopping your thoughts and doing systems analysis of your energy patterns. What can you do to improve your seeing? You can naturally practice thought control. Thought control means that at least twice a day, you sit down to meditate, to stop thought. Start to practice daily for fifteen minutes, move to half an hour, and then to forty-five. Even out at about an hour after a year or two. Sit there and learning how to stop your thoughts. There are lots of methods you can use. Loosely, we call it meditation.

There are two different practices; meditation and gazing. You start with concentration by sitting down and focusing on one point for half an hour. Just look at a dot on a yantra, a candle flame – whatever you want – a pretty color rock, and just look at it. Blink when necessary. Sit up nice and straight. When thoughts come in and out of your mind, just ignore them; just try and focus on that image more and more. After a while you will get good at it. Your mind will develop muscles, just like your body does when you exercise it. Take it slowly; have fun with it; look in the mirror before and after and you will see an amazing difference. You gain energy from doing it. That's where you get energy. You don't have to steal it from people. There are tons of energy in the second attention, but you have to gain access to the second attention.

What do you do during the day? Lots of things. There are three parts to your day: when you are awake, when you are asleep, and when you are practicing gazing and meditation. Before you go to bed at night, practice dreaming. Give yourself a task in dreaming: go visit someone; think about your special place; practice the exercise that Don Juan gave Carlos.* Try to find your hands in your dreams; look at them, and then look back. Gain some level of control. Think of a place that you would like to go; someone you would like to meet. Think about that for a minute before you go to sleep. Don't get frustrated. It might take months or years. It took me years before I could find my hands in my dreams or to go to places I wanted to. You are actually traveling. As you gain control in your daily life, you will see more control in your dreams.

During the day start scanning; see, look at people, don't judge them, but look. Remember they are going to present a front, but that isn't necessarily the way they are. During the day look, but don't look for too long, or you'll pick up too many energy patterns. Look at your thoughts, and ask yourself, "Are these my thoughts or are they coming from somebody else?" How can you tell? Well, ask yourself, "Is this the way I really feel in my heart?" It might be; it might not. Take a good look at your parents, former teachers, or the people with whom you grew up. Remember them, and remember that your mind is an impression of theirs. Gradually begin to dig into yourself, and begin to ask yourself who and what you are. Prove yourself; never be satisfied with any answers. Go to places of seeing. There are certain places that you will find out in the wilderness there are great places of seeing. Others are places of Enlightenment; others are places of renewal; others are negative spots where your power can be drained. Trust your body – the way it feels – it will always tell you what's going on, if you listen to it.

When you go to a place of seeing, it is easier to see. You will know because, you will find that it is easier to see. Step back more from life and look at it. Investigate it. Ask questions about everything. Don't be afraid of anything. Eventually you will be able to see beyond life and death, beyond time and space, beyond matter, and into the heart of life itself. You will see your own luminosity, your own perfection, your own infiniteness, your own power, your own completion.

Never be afraid to see anything. Life is wonderful. Devote your time to it. Keep your body healthy enough, and work on that mind. It's the best thing you have: develop it. Don't be discouraged if other people don't do it. It doesn't mean anything. You do it. Develop your psychic abilities, develop your mind, develop your attention. Become strong and you will have a wonderful life.

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