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Dec 16th
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Psychic Self Defense

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The study of Enlightenment is really divided into two parts. The search for knowledge, illumination and power is the first part. It includes methods and ways of stopping thought, making the mind quiet, learning to be introspective, and gaining access to deeper states of being, of mind, of the Universe. These methods can be learned from teachers fairly freely. It's helpful to be around people who practice these things who can be inspiring, or to have a teacher. The second part of the study is psychic self-defense.

Psychic self-defense can simply be defined as maintaining the integrity of your own awareness. Life is a happy thing, unless someone interferes with you, or unless you interfere with the happiness of others. It is natural to be happy, to be strong, to be at peace. Certainly, there are other conditions, other awarenesses, but the most important realization for you to come to, in my opinion, is that life is a state of mind. Everything is colored completely by your perception field. If you are happy, you could be in hell and it wouldn't matter. If you are miserable you could be in heaven and it would be hard. Your perceptual field is actually what creates heaven or hell. As someone once said, "Nothing is good nor bad, only thinking makes it so." Well, that's right, not simply thinking, as we understand thinking, but also awareness. Thinking is a simple way of saying, what we are aware of, our awareness field.

We are made up of life energy, boy we are! And that life energy is electric; it's filled with life and beauty. Whenever our awareness field touches anything, we perceive it. Our awareness field shivers, shines, moves, and it is made up of the kundalini energy, plasma energy and other forces. Our life energy is radically altered when it touches other energies. Some energies affect it more than others. The energy of other human beings affects it, as well as the energy of non-physical beings. The energy of plants, trees, rocks, places – all of these things affect our energy field. Our energy field naturally determines our awareness; it is our awareness.

Psychic self-defense is the opposite of psychic manipulation. In psychic manipulation what someone is doing is seeking to gain your life energy, pure and simple, or impure and simple depending on your point of view. It is possible to tap into people's life energy, just like you can lift money from their wallets, if they are not aware of it, or just like the vampire, in the old movies, can drain blood from the victims and weaken them. The vampire can finish them off or take his time, and come back day after day. Just like you can have people who always get money from you, and cause you to feel sorry for them, even though they can go out and make money themselves. They make you feel sympathetic when you shouldn't be, and they feed off of you.

There are two mentalities in our world. One mentality I refer to as coyote mentality. The coyote mentality is simply the mentality of the predator. Then there is another mentality that we don't see too much of in this particular world, on this planet Earth, and that is the mentality of the magical beings who don't seek to feed off of anyone else. They don't seek to enslave anyone else. These are happier, freer beings, and some of them wander on the Earth.

The Universe is wonderful. The secrets of life are fantastic if you get to them, and if you want to, you should be able to. It's not intrinsically hard for the strong and powerful of mind. Granted we live in a world with constant change: success is followed by failure, failure is followed by success, life by death, death by rebirth. But still, you can dance along with all those pairs of opposites and have a wonderful time. It's not necessarily so hard when you know how, like anything else, unless someone or something is interfering with you. In my opinion, everyone is interfered with to an extent by others. People want your life-force more than you realize. At this point one can become extremely paranoid, and start to blame other for everything that you don't succeed at in your life, or for every problem. This is just a wonderful way of making excuses for yourself and not doing anything. So, you have to be very careful to perceive properly when you are being manipulated, and when you are just trying to blame others. If you search your heart, you'll really know. That's about all I can say on that subject.

Why do people want your life-force and how do they get it? You have to understand how the predator works before we can prevent them. You need to know their strategies. You need to see the desires of others. Naturally, if you are very psychic, if you develop your seeing very well, you can just see it. You can see someone who is smiling at you and pretending to help you, who is taking the luminous lines from their subtle physical body, and pushing them into your subtle physical body and draining your energy while they smile.

The chief device of a manipulators is to keep your energy level low. Because if your energy level is high you'll be able to just naturally see. It’s just as if your body recoils in pain if you were to touch a flame for a moment. It does that because that's part of its natural defense system – It let’s the intelligent being know that if it wants to preserve the body it should keep it out of the flame. You have a natural psychic self-defense network within you that reacts completely sensitively to psychic manipulation and people draining your energy. If you would listen to it, you would always know exactly what to do. There is no need to be afraid. If you sense danger, withdraw yourself from the situation.

We live in a world where we have been taught to not pay attention to our feelings, and instead to use reason and logic. I love reason and logic. I write computer programs, but that doesn't mean that reason and logic are the only modes of perception for dealing with life in this world. That's like saying I love my little Chevrolet, but I have five other cars and I'll never use them. I won't drive the Mercedes. I won't drive the Ferrari. I won't drive the Jeep. How silly. We have many modes and levels of perception and we should use them. They protect us and give us a good life. But we have been taught not to trust our most basic feelings.

As I said psychic manipulators seek to keep your energy level low. If they can lower your attention level, you won't see what they are doing and obviously, if you don't see what they are doing, they can keep feeding off your energy. Psychic manipulators work in a couple of ways. They want your life energy, or sometimes just for the hell of it, they are not that interested in your energy, but they just want to screw you over. They derive a malicious joy, just from injuring people, just from seeing them not succeed; or because they have not succeeded at something themselves, they don't want anybody else to. It's a treat to them.

It's like during the Middle Ages when the Church would burn the so called heretics, who were scientists. The Church did not want to hear about the fact that the Earth was not the center of the Universe and so on. It didn't want people to have knowledge, because if people had that knowledge, they would look at the theories of the Church, and they would say, "You guys are nuts. You are not going to run the world anymore. Your theories are not in touch with what is real." If it's a threat to someone's little private economic establishment, or belief system, the response will be to destroy, kill, mutilate. Shoot a Gandhi if you don't like what he says; shoot a Kennedy if you don't like what he says; shoot a Lincoln if you don't like what he says. Welcome to the Earth's hostile environment.

I don't really want to get into a philosophical discussion on whether or not this is bad planet. I think that it depends upon your perceptual state. But to try and pretend that fear and domination, control and manipulation are not the operative modes in this world among the people who populate this planet. It's nuts. Talk to the people who have been in concentration camps. Talk to anyone who has been in a war, in prison, a family, a business. Needless to say, this is not the only place in the Universe. There are other places where it is actually a little bit worse, and others where it's a lot better, too. But it can be better in your own state of mind. But, to not see these things or pretend that they are not there, opens you to total manipulation. Just because you think that you are trying to be positive, forget it. Be neither positive nor negative, just see. If you can prevent yourself from being manipulated you'll have enough energy to see wonder in all things.

Manipulators come into your life; they want your life energy, or they just don't want you to succeed just for the hell of it, or whatever it is. They operate in fairly simple ways that are not that sophisticated, but quick. The psychic manipulation game is the fastest game in the planet, next to the Enlightenment game which is a little faster. What a manipulative person does is to get you to think about them. This is the first and most important step. When you think about someone or focus on them, or you think about a place, or another world, or God, or a being, or whatever it is, your life energy touches what you think of, or focus on psychically.

Manipulators want you to think of them in any way that they can get you to think of them. They want to make contact with you in any way, so that they can get into your life, or get some control over your life, or cause you to think that you need them, and that they are important. This will cause you to lose energy from their point of view. In other words, they've got to have you thinking about them, and feeling that you need them, you love them, you want them, that they are necessary, or that you are afraid of them. It's the same thing: attraction and aversion, any type of expression or control.

Needless to say, there are also magical beings, enlightened beings, beings of power, who seek to do the opposite, who would be happy to show you how to free yourself. They want nothing from you; they don't need to take life energy from anyone else, because they have learned how to create it by stepping into other levels of attention in other worlds. They teach you to be free. But you don't have to worry about them. If you meet such beings, if that's your good fortune, you can trust them after making sure that they are enlightened. But we really need to pay attention to the coyotes out there.

The manipulator seeks to get your attention. Some of the most obvious forms of manipulation are domination and control, sexual manipulation, manipulation through fear, and manipulation through love. Sexual manipulation is easy to understand. You are not particularly interested in having sex with someone, with a particular individual; he or she passes you on the street and projects a sexual field of energy toward you, that hits your plasma body, your subtle body, and you feel it. It creates a certain level of excitement if you let it. You look at the person, you desire him or her, and you're taken. Now he or she is in your mind, and even if you just passed him or her at the airport, in the office, for a few seconds, and you never see him or her again, if you dwell on this person, he or she now has what we call an energy line into your being, your attention field. You have created a link between yourself and that person. He or she can walk back across that link psychically later, when you are not physically together and draw energy from you.

The tease is a popular method of sexual manipulation. People don't want to have sex with you, but they want you to desire them like mad. Actually, if you have sex with them, it will end the desire for a little while, or you might get so close that you don't want anything to do with them. It's a control game. All they do is project a lot of sexual energy, and you feel it. They are saying in effect, "Come on, let's jump into bed and have a good time." You feel that, but then when you come up to them, and look at them, they pretend just the opposite – that they have no interest, or that there is something wrong with you for even thinking that they might be interested in you. Therefore you get very frustrated, because your body is feeling what they are saying, "Let's go for it!" But they are telling your mind, "What's wrong with you? That's not my intention at all." So as you get frustrated, you focus on them even more, and they drain your energy even more effectively, it's a control game.

In terms of sex, the most difficult time is when you have physical sex with someone. It's a snap for them to drain your energy and life-force. During sexual intercourse, there is usually a moment when people abandon themselves, unless they have great control, to the ecstasy of the physical experience. As soon as they let go, they drop their defense shields; you can snap their energy; you can drain them. Once you create a line, particularly through sex, it is very easy to drain someone's energy. Now needless to say, it is also easy to raise their energy: that's the tantric sexual concept. Because such a strong line is created during sexuality and after, you can also raise someone's attention that way, if you are powerful enough. Because having sex with someone breaks through so many barriers, it can be used either way. It depends on one's state of mind.

Naturally one can have sex and not be manipulative. One can go through life and not be manipulative. But we are all manipulative. We all want things and we use our power to get them. But when I say manipulative. I mean, it in the sense that you try to injure, hurt, or limit someone. People who tell you about the truth are manipulative too, in the sense that they are trying to bring your awareness to the truth, and you may not be interested in truth. So they use a variety of manipulations to help awaken you, to draw you to the study of truth. You are glad later, because you'll have more power, and they will teach you to be free. We all use manipulation. We've had thousands of lives where we have learned very subtle methods of mind control. There are very few new souls on this planet. Remember that when you are dealing with people. You are not always dealing with who appears to be there. The better the deceiver, the better they can mask their talents and abilities. We all have some occult talents.


The Dream Plane

A very sensitive time is when you are asleep. When you are awake, your conscious mind is there, and you'll know if someone tries to break into your house. When you are asleep a person can sneak in. It is very important to be aware of that. If you wake up feeling very drained instead of refreshed, it means that you got psychically hit by someone during your sleep. It is good to meditate for a few minutes before you get to sleep, bring a lot of energy into your being, read a book that inspires you, or whatever. Then, when you wake up in the morning, if you feel very drained, just meditate for a while, charge yourself, and review in your mind who you just feel did it. Again, your body knows; there is something inside you that knows. You just have to trust your feelings. Then, if you break connection with that person, if you figure out whatever method of manipulation he or she uses to get inside you, what level of control he or she has over your life or your emotions or your time, if you eliminate that, that person can't really bother you.

People can only manipulate you, and come into your dreams if you create an opening – if you want them, fear them, think you need them, or trust them. They have to create an opening in your awareness field. Somebody whom you don't know may live three houses away from you, and that person would really have a hard time infiltrating you awareness field. It's the people you know who manipulate you, and the more you trust a person the greater the possibility of manipulation. That doesn't mean that everyone you trust manipulates you, but those are the most likely candidates. Christ had twelve disciples. He trusted them; one betrayed him and he died. In other words, you can have eleven good apples and one rotten apple. Don't worry about the good apples, they won't hurt you. But if you miss the one rotten apple, it can cost you your life energy.

Manipulation occurs through fear. If someone can get you to fear them, they get another line in; that's why it is important to be absolutely fearless – to realize that you are an eternal being. You are birthless and deathless. When you meditate deeply and see that, you become fearless. But people will inject fears in you specifically; psychically they will push them into you. They are antithetical to your nature; they are not how you feel.

Psychic manipulation is very complex. It involves taking the thoughts and ideas that the manipulator has or wants you to have, and the manipulator can psychically push them into your mind. The majority of thoughts that you think are not your own. They are either thoughts that you are psychically feeling from people around you that are coming through you, or they are the conditioning that you received growing up as a child – the way that you were taught to think and feel about life in the world, the description of the world that you have. It is necessary to find new ways of seeing, new descriptions of the world that do not open you up to manipulation – where you can view things just as they are and maintain the wholeness and integrity of your attention field.

People have the ability to make you sick. They can enter your attention field; they can project energies, just as a magical being can project a field of light into your attention field and raise your awareness and lend you personal power for a while, to give you a boost. It is possible for beings on the other side of the force to project negative fields of attention. If this is happening, you'll begin to notice the signs. The first place where you see these things happening, where you are picking up negative psychic energy is in your skin, and in your hair. Your skin and hair will become very dry. Your hair might start to fall out. We are not talking about male pattern baldness here: diffuse hair loss, change in texture – these are signs that you are being hit by abrasive psychic energies. Your skin becomes real dry; then of course, more serious diseases will develop.

I always think that when you see any manifestations or signs that something is happening to your body, even though you know for sure that it's the result of psychic manipulation and occult energy, and that the doctor can't do anything, I think it is good to see the doctor anyway, just to check and get the doctor's opinion and see if it's something else. When the doctor says "Gosh, you are just getting old, or I don't know what it is, and there is nothing I can do about it;" when they can't find any physiological cause, then you know what it is, and the only way to get better is to remove yourself from the awareness field of others by learning to be inaccessible, which is another topic for another time.

Manipulators work by getting you to desire them, and make you feel you need them. You are smart. You are intelligent. You can figure it out. Someone makes you feel that you need him or her, it could be your banker, your lawyer, your accountant, or your lover. People get into your life and they start performing simple tasks that you used to do, which you actually enjoyed and which empowered you, and they act like they are doing you a big favor. Gradually, they infiltrate your life and you become weaker. It is very important to do things for yourself: We derive strength and independence from it. Watch out for people who want to help you, who want to come into your physical life – that's what I mean by help. Because if they can get physical proximity, it is easier to drain you. It's easiest to drain someone when they have physical proximity, but it can also be an emotional connection. If you fear your boss, if you fear the loss of a job, you put people in a position of control. With that control they can drain your energy, lower your perception field, and take that energy into their own bodies.

We see the older man, younger woman syndrome, where the older man drains her energies. They live together and grow together, and he takes that energy into his own body. She never realizes it, of course, and he puts it into his life and his career. He becomes successful, and when her energy level starts to diminish, she looks suddenly a lot older; her skin and hair begin to fade, which means that her life energy is low. Then he leaves her and finds another woman to use as a power base. Women do the same thing with men, but we see more of the former type of manipulation. Men do this by causing women to think that they are weak and they can't be economically independent and so on. Women think that they need men. Women do the same, except that they use sexual energy. We call it rapping. I discussed it before when we talked about projecting fields of sexual attention and getting people to think that they are interested in others who can care less. If you fall in love with someone who is just not your type of person, what do you think is taking place?

The most dangerous of all manipulations is love: it's the most frequently used. Someone will make you think that he or she loves you. Good manipulators can scan you psychically. They can look at you and feel your fears and feel your loves, and then they play with them. They will then mold themselves into people who appeal to you, and they will pretend not to be interested in the things that you are not interested in. They will pretend to be drawn to the things that you are drawn to. People have this ability. Just consider yourself, how sensitive are you. Can't you look at another person and after talking with him or her for a few minutes, or even after just glancing across the room, and get a pretty good idea of how to get into their life. Couldn't you go over there and talk to someone, flatter them, get him or her to have lunch with you tomorrow, gradually work your way into his or her life, and be a friend? You can feel their weak spots. You know what others want to hear and you know what they don't want to hear. Don't you think that other people can do this to you? Maybe they have, and they are already in your life.

Now you may say, "Do they really know, consciously, that they are draining my life-force?" Yes, they sure do. They know what they are doing – they are predators. We all have that side. You have that side. Don't pretend for a moment that you don't. The only difference is that as you evolve into higher levels of attention, you control that side. If you don't think that you have that side, then you are a terrible manipulator. You are one of the worst, because you are not only manipulating others, but yourself into believing that you don't. Everybody has a dark side, because we are all reflections of the Universe that contains all things. Begin by admitting that you have that side.

Naturally, when you manipulate others you create a line between yourself and them, which they can use to drain energy from you. It's real funny. You may create a line to manipulate people – you play up to them, you want their energy, you want to be around them because they are powerful, and successful. They can take that line, and when you are not aware of it, they can take that very line that you fastened on them, and pull you in with it and drain you. That's why I advise people not to manipulate. Don't drain. There is enough energy in the Universe for all of us.

When you drain energy from others, it doesn't stay with you. It will empower you temporarily. Or you can be like the husband with the young wife, who is draining her, and feed on people on a daily basis. You know you'll have a little more energy everyday, but from the advanced perceivers' point of view, you don't really want to drain energy from someone because when you drain energy from someone you also pick up their thoughts. If you are interested in becoming really powerful, you can't have anybody else's thoughts inside of you. Because no matter what, they are not going to be enlightened thoughts. People you are draining can't be that powerful, if they were, they would see what you were doing. You follow? So you are draining a grade B life-force, which most people are content with since they don't seek Enlightenment and total power. But if you seek that, if you seek to go beyond this world, then draining won't do it for you, gang.

Learning to meditate and focus, learning the occult and mystical arts – these will teach you how to create more than enough energy for yourself and even some to give to others who may need energy in their quest. But draining energy from others accomplishes nothing. You might be lonely. Loneliness opens you to any type of manipulation there is. You think that you need someone – "the Prince Charming," "the Princess," "the wonderful child," "the strong lover," "the good friend," – every one of these opens you up to manipulation. You have to reach a point of certainty within yourself, which comes through introspection, that you do not need anyone. You can enjoy everyone and all things. Don't ever stop enjoying, but if you feel that you need something that's outside of yourself, then someone can come along and feel that need, play it, and drain your life-force. Everybody drains life-force, literally, on the Earth. It's a continuous game, but no one admits to it. But if you are psychic you can see it, and if you are very psychic, you can avoid it.

The way that you avoid manipulation is by doing everything you can for yourself that is possible – by setting up your life so that you don't depend on others. You can work with others, but you don't depend on others. Never tell all your secrets to anyone; never open up completely to anyone. If you need to open up completely to anyone, open up to a tree, a squirrel, a frog, a celestial being, a magical enlightened being, release yourself to God, to the sky, whatever, but not to another human being who hasn't crossed over that border into the world of magic – where they never seek to manipulate or take advantage of others. Learn the ways of inaccessibility. Don't let people know what you care about, what you think, because they can weave their way into your thought patterns. It's good not to let people know where you live. You know, when you invite people over to your house and you walk them around your house, and show them your bedroom, they fix that place in their mind, and it's easier for them to come back psychically if they want to. That's like saying that you are opening your mind up to them. But people will come back there, because they feel your life energy there, and they will drain it.

Surround yourself with good and happy things to restore and increase your energy. Go to places of power, and practice the mystical arts. Have lots of plants in the house: they emanate a sympathetic vibration with the human form. A pet can be a real good friend, if you need an emotional outlet. It's really fun to come home to your cat, dog, bird, and give them a nice hug and have them waiting for you. All they are interested in is the next can of cat food, or dog food, or bird seed, or they just love you. Then, sometimes, you won't go open yourself to that human being whom you really didn't want to open yourself to, but you felt this need.

If you meditate, you will feel light and ecstasy. You will see that you are the whole Universe, and you won't feel the need to look outside of yourself. Again, you can enjoy more than ever all things, but remember, as you drain psychically, as you are manipulated, you won't even see life well. Life is beautiful wherever you go. But when people are acting on your perceptual field and draining your life energy, when you look at the world, it will appear grayer to you. A day won't sparkle, the night won't shine. Nature will not look as beautiful as it did when you were a child. A painting won't look as good as it used to. That's because you perceptual field is lower. Nature hasn't changed, the painting hasn't changed, your perceptual field has dropped. You don't have as much energy, things don't sparkle, because your attention field is low, meaning that you have to do a systems analysis of your energy flow.

You need to chart your energy patterns. What you have to do is to make a list. Make a list on a piece of paper of everyone in your life who you feel empowers you and another list of everyone who drains you. Eliminate everyone in your life who drains you, and if you don't eliminate them completely from your life, eliminate a need, or a fear, or a love for those people, because they are abusing you. Just feel indifferent. Draw your mind into places; don't dwell or think about people. Think about power places, think about art, read books; don't focus so much on people. That's what they want.

It's a good idea to keep track of whom you think about and how much. Once a week, maybe on Sunday, sit down and keep a journal, and write down whom you thought about that week and how much. You can even do percentages, and if you keep a little journal, you will begin to see a correlation between how well you felt that week. Just jot it down at the end of the day, because you'll forget. Then practice not thinking about people, and you'll notice that if you think about fewer people, your attention field will be higher and brighter. You'll see a correlation in your success; you'll get more money; you'll get a better job – because your energy level is higher. When your energy level is low, you don't draw good things to you. Also, as your energy level increases, as you become more powerful, you become more interesting to manipulators. As you become more psychic and you follow the psychic study, inaccessibility becomes more of a factor.

If you are poor a nobody, who wants to break into your house? Nobody wants to kidnap your daughter. When you are rich, they do. Naturally, with wealth and power comes a certain knowledge and responsibility. Don't be afraid of manipulators, but they are everywhere. They try to act on you and work on you. The most important thing that you need to do is, first put this in your mind, to be conscious that all of this is really taking place – taking place on the Earth 24 hours a day. Just begin to look at these things. Begin to look at people and ask yourself: "How do I feel around this person?" The only way you can tell is after you leave somebody. When you are with them physically, when you are around them, it is very hard to tell how they are actually affecting you. It is very difficult to know because they can fool you; they can dazzle you; they can actually make you feel more energized for a little while. Then they can inject a lot of their negative energy into you and make you feel sick and drop your attention field so that you can't see what they are doing. It's a quick game.

It's like the pretty coral that attracts the fish: the fish goes to it, and then it stings the fish. It slowly injects a chemical that slowly paralyzes the fish so that the fish can't swim away, and then it gradually feeds on the fish. When people attract you to them, they dazzle you, then they weaken you and keep you around, make you need them, want them, fear them, and then they gradually drain you. They inject doubts into you – that you can't do it yourself, that you can't be happy, that you can't be mentally strong, clear and free. Nonsense! Anyone can develop a strong and powerful mind. Anyone can learn to be independent, if you follow the way of magic and mysticism. You can learn to be happy and free without having to depend upon anyone, but that's your battle; that's your struggle – just to gain your freedom from those around you who, through manipulation, domination and control, seek to take your life-force and energy. So be brave, be courageous, and you will succeed. Keep meditating and you will succeed. Be fearless and you will succeed.

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